PULSE – Website Testing

I carried out website testing on various devices to ensure the functionality and styling was working correctly. Through testing, I realised that the portrait styling was sufficient but I needed to amend the styling for landscape views. I resolved this through created another css media query for orientation=landscape. The below screenshots show some of the errors that I resolved.


As well as the styling, there was also a few links that weren’t working correctly, of which I successfully resolved. I got some members of my target audience to test my site, they registered and tried out the training guide. From this, my target audience gave me some useful feedback of which I acted upon. I added an option to preview week one if the users doesn’t sign up on a Monday, as well as edited a few spelling mistakes and working more on form validation. Previously if the user entered a username but no password, it would still let the access their guide. To overcome this, I altered the code so that it checks the database to see that the password and username match and if not an error message appears.

HTML Responsive Templates

I created HTML templates of my initial designs. It was essential to consider how my project would display on mobiles from the early stages of my project development. Here are my responsive templates…

To develop the bar charts for the training guide, I used HTML divs, Boostrap grids and CSS, however to cover all possible mileage this would be fairly time consuming. To overcome this, I am looking into using Chart.js, open source HTML based JavaScript charts.