Exemplar Work (ASICS)

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I have taken many website design inspirations from MyAsics, including the use of large, imagery, bold clear fonts, and coloured buttons. I really like the parallax scrolling home page and will consider developing something similar for my home page.


Initial Research

I looked at existing training guides for inspiration for my graduate project. I choose to review Nike and Asics as they are a highly popular fitness brands.

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-displayed in a unique way with the use of seven coloured squares clearly showing the set runs for each week

-quite a large amount of text used
-relies on users to remember their training progression (what week/day they are on)

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 15.42.50.png


– personal plans based on users running experience
-use of little text, making the plan clear to follow
-shows users progression

-displayed in the traditional table style design