Applied Design

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 14.17.53For this unit, we are working on a live brief with BU’s RedBalloon Agency to create an app for Salisbury Cathedrals Magna Carta exhibition. The app will consist of a series of exploratory interactive and educational works that can be accessed while walking round the Cathedral. Each agency (4-5 students) will create a component of the app, for example mini games, treasure hunts, photo edits, and video experiences. The agencies will be formed based on each students interests and initial response to the brief, which will be presented as a moodboard.

Iterative_development_model_V2For this uni, it is important to continue to follow the iterative design processes: Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Design, and User Testing. Following this process will allow constant refinements/improvements to be made throughout the unit, hence making the end product more successful. It is also important to talk with the clients regularly, to receive guidance and ensure the app meets their needs and expectations. A number of trips will be organised to Salisbury Cathedral in order to gather information and analyse the public space.


To create the app, we will be learning Xcode, and device specific app development for IOS. This programming language is new to me and I look forward to learning more about it. I will blog about relevant programming techniques that I have learnt in workshops and reflect on how it is useful for the app component my group create. It is important to work well as a team, applying different roles to members: programmers, designer, producer and content creator. This will ensure that work is divided up equally and reflects professional design agencies.

I will go on to begin the requirements gathering stage, by researching the Magna Carta and creating a moodboard to visually show my initial response to the brief. I will also go on to review some iterative design methodologies that my group could adhere to, in order to remain professional throughout the process of this live brief .


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