Displaying Interactive Piece at Redweb

I had the opportunity to display my interactive project on Redweb’s window. My project was displayed for the week and proved to be successful with users. Passing by were interacting the piece, trying to obstruct the various falling shapes. Due to it being down a busy road, my project was noticed by many users and also made it onto Redweb’s website (http://windowreflections.redweb.com/):

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 08.05.28

I went down to get some pictures and videos of users interacting with my project. However, due to the sunlight and the bright light from the projector the images and videos didn’t come out as expected. Therefore, here is a visual of what it looked like to users:


Here is a screen recording of when I initially put my project up and tested it with the guys at Redweb:

Random people walking past the window, stopped and asked about the project and some choose to further interact with it. The project worked better when users were wearing darker clothing as this meant they appeared as more silhouette-like figures. The shapes did unfortunately get obstructed by the parked cars on the roads. To overcome this, next time I will look more thoroughly into background subtraction. Overall, I am pleased with my interactive project and I am happy with the outcome and the responses it received when displayed at Redweb.


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