Poster Designs

This was our first digital design for our Independent Dorset poster:

design 1We gained feedback about our first design and as a group came up with some improvements to be made. First, we decided that the title should be the same colour as the background, as at the moment it is separated. We thought the blue background wasn’t eye catching enough due to the flag also being blue, therefore we decided to have a white background instead so that it all stands out clearer and is more eye catching. Also, we thought the arrows weren’t needed to show Dorset separating from the UK and that the tagline should be larger. Here is our final poster:

final poster

By getting previous feedback from peers, we decided to change the tagline and also focus on Dorset rather than having the whole of the UK. By carrying out this iterative design process, it has helped us to improve upon our poster and help make it more appealing to the audience. Next, we will put our poster up in the public space (Weymouth House) to see whether people notice it and any comments they may have.


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