Behaviour within Public Spaces

Today, I visited Weymouth House, the space where my interactive information graphic would be displayed. By doing this, it allows me to understand the environment more and I also got an idea as to how people behave within the public space. Over a ten minute period I carried out quantative research and recorded how many people came through the space and what activities they carried out…Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 16.07.29

  • walked through = 77
  • brought costa = 12
  • socialised = 14
  • working = 7
  • on phone = 5
  • looked at displays = 3

This information was gathered at a busy time period as it was 13:00, whereas I have to be aware that in the morning the space would’ve been a lot quieter. I also carried out qualitative research and considered different scenarios about the behaviour of people within the public space.  For example, if someone was in a rush to a lecture then they would walk quickly through the space without observing much about their surroundings.

Gray (2010 p.166) suggests that:

‘a text only becomes a text, only gains social meaning and relevance, at the point that it comes alive with its audience.’

This shows the importance of ‘requirements gathering’ as without an audience my text would not be successful. Therefore, by analysing the behaviour of people on the public space, it allows me to evaluate how I can make my text ‘come alive with its audience’.

By carrying out this research, I realised that not many people seemed to pay much attention to the displays and therefore I need to reflect on this and think carefully about how I am going to attract users to my piece. From this, I will go on to place my groups finalised poster in the public space in order to see whether it is noticed and the reactions we may get. This is a highly important process as understanding the environment and audience is essential for any piece to be successful.

Gray, J, 2010. Show Sold Separately: Promos, Spoilers, and Other Media Paratexts. New York and London: New York University Press.


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