Processing Workshop – The Basics

Processing is an open source programming language, development environment and online community (Processing 2014). This year we are using processing in order to produce an interactive information design piece for the Design Iterations unit. I have been learning the basics of Processing such as changing the canvas size, setting the background colour, drawing basic shapes, adding comments, creating loops and randomising colours and points. Learning the basics is important as in each workshop I will be able to work on this knowledge and improve my processing skills, so that hopefully after all the workshops and independent work I will be able to produce a good interactive piece.

Here is the code I learnt today:

void setup () {
frameRate (25);

void draw () {
strokeWeight (4);
stroke(random(0,255),random(0,255), random(0,255));
//this randomises the colour of the line (RGB)
line(mouseX,mouseY, random(0,width), random(0,height));
//this randomises where line is drawn dependant on mouse click

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 13.30.04

Using processing will enable me to incorporate the iterative design process as i can write the code, get feedback and then easily go back and edit the code to continuously improve upon my piece.

I enjoyed learning the basics of processing and from this I will go on to develop my processing skills through both workshops and online tutorials.

Processing (2014). Processing [online] Available from: [Accessed 6 October 2014].


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