Design Iterations

For this unit it is important that I follow an iterative design process when producing my work. An iterative design process is a methodological approach of developing and refining a design based on constant feedback and evaluation. By following this process, the feedback and design refinement will help improve my work and enable me to get constant user feedback. By understanding what the iterative design process actually is, I will ensure that throughout my blog I follow the process through a series of analysis, design and implementation life cycles.

‘Theo Mandel promotes an iterative interface design process that involves users and focuses on prototyping and testing designs from early stages through final product development. This diagram (from Dr. Mandel’s book, The Element Of User Interface Design) highlights how users are central to interface design and usability. Users should be designed for and with, not designed to” (Mandel 2013).


I think that his idea that ‘users should be designed for and with, not designed to’ is very important. Before producing my interactive piece, I will ensure I observe and gather information about the users and analyse how I can successfully get them to engage with my piece. I am going to refer back to this diagram throughout the unit to ensure I follow an iterative design process and to ensure I am constantly involving the users within the different design stages. The four iterative design stages that I am going to follow throughout this unit are:

  1. Requirements Gathering
  2. Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Implementation and Testing

Ang (1991, p.105) also believes that:

‘the audience’s role should not be limited to that of (responsive) viewers; they should also be active participants in the production …’

I feel that this is important and throughout the production of my work, I will ensure I engage the audience in order to help me make decisions about my piece as well as for feedback and improvements. This idea of audiences becoming more active is something I will go on to explore further in following posts.

Ang, I, 1991. Desperately Seeking the Audience [online]. London and New York: Routledge

Mandel, T, 2013. Prototyping and Design [online]. Arizona: Theo Mandel. Available from: [Accessed 2 October 2014].


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